Seamless Anorak

The latest collaboration with Bio-Inspired Textiles and The University of The Arts London was informed by cellular and gradient bio-structures. The Seamless pullover anorak is hand-sculpted in mono-material wool and weighs only 690 grams. The piece has site-specific functional areas that are adaptable to the body shape due to the nature of non-woven textiles and can be fully compostable at the end of its life cycle.
Three sustainability pillars were addressed in the project:
Efficiency is embedded in the artefact’s design: it is wearable and practical, designed to protect from the elements, breathable, adaptable, and comfortable, yet uses the least material possible.
Longevity was addressed by creating a clean-finished garment with a timeless silhouette and tactile properties, making it emotionally and aesthetically durable.
Recovery was implemented by using 100% biodegradable mono-material wool; no additional materials or hardware have been used. The final piece can be mended, altered, recycled, and fully decomposed after its life cycle is finished.

Photography: Nicolas Odyssea Andreou
Model: Caecilie Holbech



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