The MA degree project is titled after the autobiographical & metaphorical film by Andrei Tarkovsky. The name also offers the metaphor of self-reflection in the project. It is focusing on the sustainable life cycle of biodegradable textiles, exploring the haptic possibilities of contrasting materials and its’ qualities through the process of active material exploration and intuitive making.

The collection takes inspiration from various sources: Andrei Tarkovsky’s cinematography and writing, Slavic myth of Alkonost and Sirin birds – the embodiment of a binary system, art movements of Suprematism and Abstract Minimalism and personal tactile experiences and haptic memories.

The sculptural direction of the project explores new possibilities of wool via the wet felting process using wool from Odsherred.

The tailored element is based on the archival garments, realised in deadstock European linen twill, which is capable of capturing traces of time and the wearer.

Draped elements utilise zero-waste patterns and silk scraps. The emotional draping process produces a series of asymmetrical garments appearing off balance yet in equilibrium with the body.

Design & Art Direction: Álla
Photography: Longfei Wang
Model: Mai Sakamoto
Assistance: Vital Sinkevich

Chosen materials take a journey from fibre to textile to design through the maker’s hands, resulting in innovative forms, minimalistic silhouettes and engaging all senses.

The collection focused on responsible design and United Nations sustainable development goals. Local ethically sourced and dead stock biodegradable materials, zero-waste patterns and craft techniques used to create the aesthetically, technically and emotionally durable designs.

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