The collection ‘Existential Nomad’ is a reflection on modern society and personal multicultural experience. The work reflects on contemporary phenomenon such as globalisation, migration, capitalism and discovery of self. This fashion degree collection is based on a nesting dolls principle and denotes a relationship of object-within-similar-object. Each layer is based on a traditional garment, passed on through the generations and remaining virtually unchanged whilst carrying layers of memory, meaning and culture.

Focus on balance of the essential lines, shapes and structure of the garments.

Archetypes of human dwellings from diverse cultures, archival articles of nomadic clothing, works of Belarus-French immigrant artist Marc Chagall and Inis Mór seascapes are the inspirations behind this timeless collection.

The collection aspires to provide confidence, comfort and  protection.

Entirely seamless, the coats are formed and molded by hand using fine Merino wool.

The collection ‘Existential Nomad’ connects cultures through time, it is not about trends and ever-changing fashion but focuses on enduring shapes and details of functional garments and accessories. Rather then going out of fashion these garments will enhance quality by living with the wearer thus addressing contemporary global issues of overconsumption and pollution. This work brings together the ideas of utility, passing on culture and self-discovery, drawing on widespread human experience, existential desires and fulfilment.

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